When life gets busy

ID 65704595 © Alberto Grosescu | Dreamstime.com
Creative workspace: girl working at the computer-assisted by her cat.
Source: ID 65704595 © Alberto Grosescu | Dreamstime.com

A little Break

Some of you may note that it has been a while since I have written in my Blog and on Mia Bella Vita.

I haven’t forgotten about Mia Bella Vita. I am still committed to Mia Bella Vita. I still love this Blog. I am just focusing on my creative writing and have just started work on a school production I am directing.

I am also a writer and have started a Masters in Letters (Creative Writing). I am just loving it, in fact, it’s fabulous and I just completed my first semester with High Distinctions and some creative work that I have submitted for publication in literary magazines here in Australia as well as entering my short stories in a few writing competitions. In addition, I am completing an anthology of Short Stories that are inspired by my Italian heritage as an Australian. I am working on my first draft for a novel, researching for another novel that will be a five-part series as a historical novel, I am creating a series for young reader aged 6 to 9 years and planning a Young Adult novel for next semester’s final creative artefact. All this while working full-time as a high school Drama Teacher and just living life. So you see … a busy little bee.

I am planning to come back in the next two to four weeks with the aim to write at least one article per month; hopefully more.

So please watch this space ….

Ciao 🌸