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There was once a little girl

You hear it all the time when you, yourself is growing up from a little girl to a teenager to a young woman. “Haven’t you grown up” and “I remember when you were this high”. The comments are too many to note down here but you all get the idea and I am sure you all recall comments yourself. My little girl is no longer a little girl. She is one year and one month and three days from turning 18. Here in Australia that makes you an adult. You can vote, you can have sex, you can live on your own, you are legally responsible for yourself. Although, when you look at my “16 going on 17 years” old daughter, she is already there. Being at boarding school to finish off her two senior years of high school, as my husband and I live in another state, has helped her grow up even more. She is strong and resilient and, it does pain me to say this, she swears like a sailor on shore leave.

In reality, my mind and, a large part of my heart, wants her to be independent and strong, and resilient, and to not take on the crap that other people tend to dish out. But it is really hard to let go without getting emotional. My daughter was a little girl who just adored me. A very good friend use to watch us together and remark how she would just follow me around and copy everything I did. I naively thought that I had built this amazing relationship with her that was going to blossom and thrive richly as we both grew as women. This was not the case.

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