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5 blogs that define my urban life

Four dice that spell BLOG

I love my Apple Macbook Pro for a number of reasons. Its portability is one reason, and it looks smart. But I also love it because it’s a sleek writing and reading machine. If you are a follower of this blog then you already now that I like to read, write and discover things of interest on the Internet. This is what always brings me great joy.

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A new direction for Mia Bella Vita


Have you ever wondered what life is all about? Do you feel that all you do is work, look after your family, work some more and then wonder where your day has gone? Your week, the month, the years!

Do you have dreams of having a Sea-change or Rural-change just to get away from the grind? I did! For years. And it wasn’t until my husband was made redundant that we decided this was a time to change the way we lived our lives. So we relocated to Brisbane. Two years on we haven’t looked back.

We moved here 2 weeks before my 50th birthday. I was overweight, sick, depressed, tired and so sad. I had lost my smile. I had been a pretty happy person. On deep reflection, I knew I did not want to enter the next stage of my life like this – a walking shell of a woman.

So I decided to stop and slow down. To stop multi-tasking, to take deep breaths and to not bring work home (I am a teacher). To find balance in my life and live the life I yearned for. This included being more sustainable because I think this planet is pretty special. This goal has given me the biggest purpose of my journey to a more balanced and serene existence.

I have started to meditate and I am working hard to commit to this daily.

I decided to stop collecting stuff and

to start collecting experiences and in doing so I found my smile again.

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My writing mojo …



I love words and phrases. I love words that make sounds; onomatopoeic words. Words that conjure up emotions. Words that inspire your imagination. I love to read and discover new words and build my vocabulary. In partnership with reading, I love to write. It’s a wonderful way to leave the hustle and bustle of a busy life. It’s meditative and ever so calming. When I write I feel my heart rate drop … in fact, I can feel it slowing down this very moment. It fires up my ;endorphins and I just feel so happy. For me, writing is a joyful activity. When I am working on my current novel; I am transported to a new world. As I step inside my character’s skin and live in her world I gain such pleasure. I feel so honoured and blessed to be able to do this and to love doing it. My imagination is enlivened. Think lots of colour and music! Every time I write I am developing my craft and my skill each and every time. Writing is my mojo.

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