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The Little Black Dress

Black sequence dress with tuelle overlay. Sleeveless and princess neckline.
The Little Black Dress

From my early twenties and from the very first years when I started to read fashion magazines, I learnt that there was one item every girl needed to have in her wardrobe. That item was the quintessential little black dress.

One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” 
Karl Lagerfeld

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A working mum … getting to the other side.

I am part of the X Generation of women. We are the ones that started the whole “you can have it all – be a wife, a mum and a career” Superwoman Syndrome. We have a lot to answer for. They say that our daughters will look at our frenetic, frantic lives as we multitask and juggle schedules and write our long to do lists and develop a strong desire to not have lives like ours.

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10 best things about living in Australia

Arrow sign with Australia nailed to a tree that has to branch forks at the top

I am an Australian born to Italian migrants who came here after World War Two. I love this country and I feel so grateful that we are generally a peaceful and happy nation. We still have our issues but as a democratic society with free speech, these issues are always discussed, debated and protested about in a safe environment.

When there is a natural disaster, and we have plenty of them, cyclones, bushfires and floods we band together as a community to support and help. When our farmers are experiencing drought we come together to lend a hand.

We love our sport, our beaches, our unique animals and plants and our diverse landscapes. We love to celebrate with family and friends, eat, drink and be merry.

We are laid back.

We are a pretty happy bunch.

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International Women’s Day … a celebration!

Four young women blowing coloured confetti from their hands
“A strong woman builds others up because she knows what it’s like to be torn down.” – Anonymous

International Women’s Day

You will notice that the image that I have chosen for one of my Posts this week is colourful. I have purposely chosen a bright image as a visual celebration for International Women’s Day (IWD). I love this image. It speaks everything I love and hope for all women around the world. To be safe. To be loved. To find their joie de vivre. Their joy of living. To be themselves. To have a purpose. To have balance in their lives.

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A start


When I think about my life. Really think about my life I am filled with awe and anxiety. Where I have come from. Where I am going. Everything in between and the present. Sometimes I am scared. What have I done? Have I truly lived to my potential? How fast it is going? Is it too late? Am I too old? At other times I am positive and feel that there is so much to offer. So much to experience.

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