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5 blogs that define my urban life

Four dice that spell BLOG

I love my Apple Macbook Pro for a number of reasons. Its portability is one reason, and it looks smart. But I also love it because it’s a sleek writing and reading machine. If you are a follower of this blog then you already now that I like to read, write and discover things of interest on the Internet. This is what always brings me great joy.

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Mt Glorious


We went on our first Sunday road trip in our newly adopted city of Brisbane. The weather was typical. Sunny with blue skies above. It was yet again a perfect day. I love road trips. I always have. I remember as a young woman in my 20s heading out with friends. It was so great to spend a Sunday together outside. We would picnic and share the food we had brought and, shared stories of our week and stories from our school days. These moments were som wonderful because there was this sense of connectedness and freedom. The laughter, the antics and the jokes. I felt protected in knowing I was part of a clan.

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