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I am sweet enough


As a female, the word “sweet” has been part of the dialogue that surrounds us. I know for me, being on the small size, 157cm or 5″2 to be exact, there were many moments where I was considered as “sweet” or “cute”. I didn’t really mind because I was never the “Brook Sheilds” or “Cindy Crawford” type of beauty. But I was told I was “sweet” or “cute”, and sometimes, to my delight, told I was “pretty”. I never I hated this, in fact, I loved it. What young girl, teenage, gosh even as a woman, doesn’t want to be called “cute”. Deep down inside it did make feel warm and fuzzy inside. All I am saying is these terms are quintessentially associated with little girls. I wonder how Kylie Minogue feels about this? She is one inch shorter than me! At least she was blonde and blue eyed. I myself have jet black hair and brown eyes. I was growing up in a wonderful country where the bronze Aussie and beach culture was iconic. Where girls with blonde hair, blue eyes and long tanned limbs were sort after by both boys and the media. Although the stereotype is changing as we have become more multicultural over the last two decades, which is great, especially since I am born to Italian migrant parents who came here in the 1960s. Anyway … I have ventured way off topic. I tend to do this … a lot … on my blog, in conversation … gosh even in my texts. Thank goodness Twitter has a word limit!

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