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The mesmerising allure of tattoos


Over the past couple of decades, I have watched tattoos become popular, a fashion accessory and totally accepted in our society … well by some … my mother hates them and there are still those that can be a little too judgy. When I was growing up only people who were sailors, bikies or criminals got tattoos. If a female got a tattoo it was frowned upon and they were labelled as “that sort of gal”. However, the practice of tattooing has become an art form and with them a symbolic and poignant meaning in one’s life. My tattoo artist told me when I was getting my very first one just recently, that women, especially those in their 20s, are now their highest clientele and on researching this further, these statistics are similar across all studios in Australia. In fact, Australia is one of the four most tattooed nations is the world. I wondered about Italy, the country of my family’s heritage especially after attending the Italian Film festival here in Brisbane where one of the actors had the most beautiful tattoo. It was a rose climbing up her spine, the roses where red. Just gorgeous. We were privy to the actress’ tattoo in the lovemaking scene in the film. The Italians, along with their comedy and conflict in films do love some loving in their films. It was a serene and sensual piece of body art.

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