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Minimalism! My new fashion goal


I love fashion. I mean I just love it! Now let me clear this up for you. It’s not buying new clothes, new shoes or accessories that I adore. I like my clothes because I love the colour, patterns, different textures and different looks. I only buy shoes so they can go with the clothes and style I create each morning. I am not a big fan of accessories and I really only have these to add and they are always playing a neutral addition to my fashion style. I don’t buy any more handbags because I have my basic staple of bags for when I go out. These do include vintage clutches in cream and black which can go with everything.  But I love playing with clothes and putting wonderful different looks together. I mix stripes with polka dots, I love to layer. I have a number of styles but my vintage 1950s and 1960s clothes, and those that copy those eras are my favourites. In fact … I love them!

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