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I lost my balance today, everyday.

The past ten days have been tough. Work has gotten busy, my dog is unwell, my family life is busy, and I am busy writing and developing my writing. Oh, and I am learning to row and learn how to speak Italian. The serenity has seeped out of my life. Drip, drip, drip, gone, empty.

Nearly 2 weeks ago I had a lovely cosy little life. A life of balance and serenity. This search for a calmer and more controlled existence was what had inspired me to start writing this blog. To share how I had managed to achieve this in my own busy life and to hopefully inspire you to find your own personal oasis within an urban existence.

I was on the lookout to still do all the things that I loved doing and to try new experiences and, still have balance and serenity. Stillness. A moment to breath. To stop sometimes.

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