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I share my beautiful life ….

I am an everyday woman living a typical busy Urban life. Mia Bella Vita is my journey in search of a life that is balanced and serene. A life filled with creativity and new adventures and experiences. Where my own, and my family’s footprints are gentle with a strong awareness of being more sustainable. Where we are mindful of our natural resources and of all species living on the planet. It is my determination to stop collecting stuff and to start collecting experiences. By reducing the clutter of the mind and within the space we live in, we are giving ourselves new opportunities to breathe deeply. Stop and be grateful.

I believe that life is both simple and extraordinary. One filled with endless experiences and emotions. By sharing my own experiences and observations I hope to inspire you to create your own balance and serenity in your own Urban Landscapes.

A balanced universe is possible when a writer pays attention to the world.

Mia Bella

The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts, experiences and determination in creating a life that has an abundance of new experiences. To recognise opportunities that can help you move towards a life that is rich, fulfilling and in balance. I believe that busy working women, functioning in an urban landscape, can have serenity and harmony. One step at a time. I hope that my own personal journey can inspire you too

I have started How to Blog? for real and busy women. Mia Bella Vita will also have an Online Book Club called Pages: my little bundle of books and pages which currently has a quotes page to help inspire you to read and write. I will also be sharing my Travel Journal. That’s coming very soon. Look out for it in Autumn for us Aussies. Spring for all you Northern world dwellers 🌸

Chit chat about me …

I am married with a teenage daughter. I live in Brisbane Australia and I have been living here since December 2016 after moving from Sydney in search of a serene and balanced life. We have found this.

I am a high school teacher and my teaching areas are English, History and Drama. I am also a writer, nothing published yet … unless you count this blog. Although, I am currently working on two novels and I hope to be published in the future.

I love to read, watch films, especially attending film festivals. I love all things Retro especially from the 1950s and 1960s, yoga and bike riding. I enjoy going out with my family and friends to try new cafes, bars and galleries. I also love gardening but as I am now living in a converted Woolstore I only have a balcony. My next project is to start an edible balcony garden. 🌸

If you want to be inspired please spend time exploring and reading this Blog .

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