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Have you ever wondered what life is all about? Do you feel that all you do is work, look after your family, work some more and then wonder where your day has gone? Your week, the month, the years!

Do you have dreams of having a Sea-change or Rural-change just to get away from the grind? I did! For years. And it wasn’t until my husband was made redundant that we decided this was a time to change the way we lived our lives. So we relocated to Brisbane. Two years on we haven’t looked back.

We moved here 2 weeks before my 50th birthday. I was overweight, sick, depressed, tired and so sad. I had lost my smile. I had been a pretty happy person. On deep reflection, I knew I did not want to enter the next stage of my life like this – a walking shell of a woman.

So I decided to stop and slow down. To stop multi-tasking, to take deep breaths and to not bring work home (I am a teacher). To find balance in my life and live the life I yearned for. This included being more sustainable because I think this planet is pretty special. This goal has given me the biggest purpose of my journey to a more balanced and serene existence.

I have started to meditate and I am working hard to commit to this daily.

I decided to stop collecting stuff and

to start collecting experiences and in doing so I found my smile again.

Journey with Mia Bella Vita 🌸

My personal goal is to create an oasis within a busy urban landscape. To enjoy the fabulous things that a thriving city has to offer in terms of work and play but for it be my urban “sea” change without having to changing my location.

In my Musings and Wondering Blog Posts I will share my experience and hopefully, this will inspire you to make the change. I have discovered that these changes do not have to be huge and acheived all at once.

Expect a Post each weekly early on a Saturday morning just in time to for a blissful cuppa or over brunch … or breakfast if you get up early.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Lao Tzu Q

My Posts

I have started to power up my role in living a more sustainable and organic way. I am now eating a wholesome plant-based diet, fighting menopause naturally and winning and doing my part to reduce plastics, wastes, being more minimalist in my life by decluttering and buying less. I will be writing about all of this in my new page A Balanced Life. Look forward to these posts at least monthly, if not sooner.

I am also starting a Masters in Letters (Creative Writing), Learning Italian on a Monday night and learning to row. It’s a busy schedule but rich in experience. Of course, I will always find time to spend time with those I love and get my fix of Netflix in too. I will share this with you all in case you are thinking of learning a new language, going back to study in any capacity and finding a sport to help you get fit and find new friends and whole new community.

On Fridays in my special page called It’s Friyay !! I will share one wonderful discovery that I found during the week. This could be an image, a quote, a phrase from a novel, a comment, a headline, a new song … or an old song, a photo of my dog or one of the cats, a sunset … gosh, the list goes on …

I am also planning an online Book Club … this still has some work to do but expect the first review soon. If you have ever wanted to join a Book Club but never had a chance or just can’t find one you like, can get to … well, this one may be the next best thing. You can read the review and comment away.

There’s also What I am listening to on Spotify … just in case you want some ideas for Playlist for your weekend so you can just chill out to some tunes.

I do plan to have a post written weekly on either page or maybe even both! I never know my luck in this sunny city !! So stay tuned. Sending you lots of sunshine and daisies 🌸

What are the things you yearn for in finding a more balanced and happier life? What brings a smile to your day?

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