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I have found a kind of journaling that allows me to organise my life, make lists (I just love making lists !!) and a platform to purge all the ideas I have running around inside my mind. A place I can build and track my habits so they achieve my goals and allow me to write all my dreams down, to note down all the things I am curious about and to just want to present out to the universe and share all I want to do and experience. It’s called bullet journaling ®. First invented by Ryder Carroll who lives in Brooklyn and who worked as a designer for a number of high-end companies.

“Ryder was diagnosed with learning disabilities early in life, he was forced to figure out alternate ways to be focused and productive. Through years of trial and error, he developed a methodology that went far beyond the simple organization. Now he focuses on helping others learn what the Bullet Journal method is truly about: the art of intentional living.” Source: http://www.rydercarroll.com

I absolutely love it and have been working on my Bullet Journal ® or what I like to abbreviate it to, Bujo ®, for the past 6 weeks. It is creative and it calms me down after a long day at work. It also helps me to get started on other projects. You know what it’s like … here’s a picture you must all be so familiar with … you just know you have to get this job done and for me, it’s usually writing feedback and report comments after I have assessed my Drama Students. With Bujo ® I sit down to do a page and before I know it I am raring to get started on what I have a plan to do. It really is an amazing miracle to my mindset to get the things I have to do done. It’s exactly how I feel after a Yoga class. I feel alive to the very end of my fingers and toes, every cell is alive and invigorated. I am glowing. Well, with Bullet Journaling ® my mind is glowing. it is the emotional and creative activity that sits perfectly, side by side with my physical side in the pursuit of personal enlightenment. and happiness

In our busy lives, we can get so caught up with what needs to be done at work and at home that before we know it time has passed and we have not experienced anything that feeds our soul and spirit. I am a very creative person and although my job as a Drama Teacher allows me to be creative most of my working day there are other things I want to experience. My main goals are: to write a novel; perfect my heritage language, Italian;  learn to Row (I live on the Brisbane River so this is perfect); learn modern hand lettering so my Bujo ® looks fabulous; write my blog on a regular basis (I have been AWOL on this one … but I am back baby!!) and the big one … complete my PhD. Be warned: these will become future Blog posts !! Bullet journalling helps you to plan, organise your time and commit to achieving these goals. The habit tracker spreads allow you to see how you are going and if you are like me, and a little competitive, you will just get this tingly feeling when you get to colour another square or tick off another task that marks you have done something. Your emotional sense of achievement will thank you.

The habit trackers are building blocks to creating habits that stick around for life. Over the years I have built an understanding that to build a habit takes 21 Days. However, research now shows that “… how “long” it takes to form a habit depends on the individual, the habit being formed, environmental factors ✿” and a whole lot of other variables. The Bujo ® allows you to help build those habits and you get to be really creative. It depends on how much you want to invest. Some Bullet Journals ® are simply just black and white writings others are amazing artworks. It depends on what you feel suits you. For me, I like colour and doodling and making my Bujo ® colourful and visually aesthetic.

Some examples of my Bullet Journal pages:

Bujo examples Sept 2018.jpg

I hope this has inspired you to get started on Bullet journaling ®. All you need is a notebook and a pen you like to write with and some colouring pencils and/or pens.

The equipment I have collected are listed below but please note that you do not have to be as prolific in collecting art supplies as I have been. However, if you do want to know what I have this is what I have and use:

❦ Leuchtturm1917 dotted Bullet Journal. These have dotted pages so you can map out your lines, boxes and doodlings. I got mine monogrammed because that’s just what I do. I got mine online from Bookbinders Stationery Australia

❦ Faber-Castell Pitt artistic pens in a fine, small, medium and brush. I got these as a pack at Eckersley. I love working with these to write and to outline my drawings and lettering.

❦ Sakura Pigma Micron Pen in sizes: 01, 02, 03. 04, 08 and a Brush. I got mine from eBay but most art stores have these.

❦ I also got a collect off Washi Tape. These are great to add more colour and design to your pages and for covering up mistakes.

❦ Talking about mistakes. I also use correction tape and white pens in a variety of sizes to cover up mistakes. The Uni Posca and Uniball Signo broad both in white have been very helpful.

❦ Tombow brush pens in an assortment of colours. This has a brush on one end and fine line texta the other side. If you buy sets you get a blending brush that you can use with the pen to create watercolours. I got mine from Eckersley but they are available at Officeworks. I also got the Blending Kit from Eckersley that adds extra creativity to my pages. Details: Tombow

❦ Ecoline Royal Talens Brush Pens are also great to create lovely lettering and watercolours You can also blend colours together. I brought these online on eBay. You can get them at Eckersley and Officeworks. Details: Ecoline Brush Pen Royal Talens

❦ Kaiser Metallic Gel Pens for added colour and texture. I love these as they add a bit of bling to my journal pages. I got mine at Eckersley. Details: Kaiser Craft

❦ I also got some Muji Gel Pens on eBay recently as I wanted to try these. I haven’t at this stage used these though.

❦ For colouring pencils, I purchased a set of Derwent watercolour pencils. I like these as you can use them wet or dry. I got these at Officeworks.

❦ As you can tell, I love working in watercolour and so have also brought a palette of watercolour paint. I also discovered from another blogger, a watercolour brush pen. These have a brush and you fill the pen with water and squeeze out the water as you use the paint or with the Ecoline or Tombow pens to create watercolours on your pages.

❦ In addition, I have discovered Clear Stamps and I use the Memento Dew Drop Stamps with these. I got mine from Officeworks but they are available at art stores online and on eBay. You do need to get an acrylic block to mount the clear stamps on. I got mine on eBay. These stick on and come off. You do need to ensure they go back on their sheets and that you wash the ink off before storing them again. I bought a collection of stamps on Etsy from Atelier Dreams but there are loads of companies and people that do these. Details: Memento Dew Drop Stamps and   Etsy Atelier Dreams

❦ To help me with my lettering and doodling I have purchased a couple of books that I refer to and to practice with. This is one of my goals as noted in my Bujo. I bought these on Book Depository. My favourite is Hand Lettering for Relaxing by Amy Latta. I use this book all the time. It has ideas on drawing flowers, a range of borders and other lovely doodles.

There are a range of Youtube videos out there that can teach you about Bullet Journaling ®, lettering, spreads for your pages, using the pens, using the stamps and how to watercolour. As I have mentioned before, you do not need all this equipment. You can just start with a simple notebook, a black pen and one Tombow colour pen. Crayola felt Pens are also great as are simple colouring pencils. I read in one blog that you can start with one pen per month and build your collection. I thought this was a great idea. I think my husband would have preferred I followed this plan 😂😂😂 However, I am and have always been “an all or nothing” person. I can assure you all that I am using all the equipment and I just get a thrill every time I sit down to work on my Bujo ®. It’s kind of like the one you get when you step inside a lolly shop with all those delectable choices. I do just love working with all that colour and materials and when I get to play my heart just sings and soars and I go to that happy place.

Happy journaling and creating everyone !!

Ryder Caroll Ted Talk

✿ Source: How to Build Good Habits

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