I am a “Perennial”


I am officially a perennial and not the flowering kind … Although I do like to smell just as sweet. I actually love that I am part of a generation of women that have our own label and, in my opinion,  it’s a good label too. What is a perennial you ask? A woman who is 40 plus and has no age mindset. That is me! In an article from Daily Life from the Sydney Morning Herald tells us of its origins:

It was coined by US internet entrepreneur Gina Pell, 49, who explains, “Perennials are ever-blooming, relevant people of all ages who know what’s happening in the world, stay current with technology and have friends of all ages. We get involved, stay curious, mentor others, and are passionate, compassionate, creative, confident, collaborative, global-minded risk takers.”

I tick all of the above. I keep current on all things happening around me. I love technology and give it a go and even take selfies. I have friends of all ages, from all decades. I get involved. I am mega-curious about everything. I mean everything! I am uber passionate and extremely compassionate. I am creative. I am confident most of the time and I do tend to throw myself into the deep end. That’s being confident don’t you think? I am very collaborative and I am always taking risks! Tick … tick … tick … I am a Perennial.

If you have been following this post you would know that at the time of writing I am 50. I don’t feel 50 and, according to so many people I met and know, I don’t look it. In 3 months I will turn 51 securely placing me in this decade. Being healthy and vital both physically and mentally has never been so important. I know I am fit. I completed my first hike yesterday. My guide nicknamed me “Pocket Rocket”. He was also shocked I was 50. It was a grueling climb up and down a mountain, to get to an elevation of 815 metres straight up through bush (no tracks) and then down again. It took 6 hours.

I do look back and I remember as a kid, a teenager, even a young woman, how elderly 50-year-olds were. They were old, unfashionable and boring. I am certainly not like that. I am certainly not boring. Drama just surrounds my life! Yep, I do love the idea and the label of being a Perennial. I am so glad that the term “middle age is becoming obsolete”. I don’t want my age to define me or stereotype me. If it did then for me, it is not a true indication of who I am at this point in my life. I have so much to still do and experience. So much energy and passion and joie de vivre – a joy of life.

What I do plan to do is be confident in who I am. To continue to aim to be “an Audrey in a Hilton world” and to love how I am aging. To be gracious, friendly and kind. Research does confirm that how we look is what we Perennials worry about. That is true. The reality is we do not look fresh faced with supple skin, with a full set of eyebrows – mine have been plucked and waxed to oblivion and are greying in parts that a pencil is my new best friend! If you a young woman reading this please know and head to this wisdom, that you do look fabulous, you are beautiful, you are not fat and every part of you just radiates youthfulness and loveliness. You will know this when you look back on all those selfies you are currently taking. In a world where celebrities are the new Gods and can afford the latest in skin treatments and procedures, we Perennials do feel pressured to look younger. To look like we did 20, 30 years ago. Nicole Kidman and I are born in the same year – 1967, although she is 6 months younger, well anyone is if born in that year as I was born on the 1st of January. She looks flawless. Perfect. I have not had the same life but I am having a good life – with both its ups and downs. I can honestly say that having led a fairly normal life, I feel I look pretty okay. Of course, there are fine lines when I look up close as I do my makeup what can I do that is life and I do try to embrace it. I cannot fight the aging process. To be truthful it does make me feel a little sad. Not much I can do about it. I can’t change the reality of life. What I can do is continue to eat well, exercise, drink plenty of water and avoid excessive alcohol, get plenty of sleep, stress less and most importantly … smile!

Joie de vivre … that is the secret to a youthful Perennial.

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