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As a female, the word “sweet” has been part of the dialogue that surrounds us. I know for me, being on the small size, 157cm or 5″2 to be exact, there were many moments where I was considered as “sweet” or “cute”. I didn’t really mind because I was never the “Brook Sheilds” or “Cindy Crawford” type of beauty. But I was told I was “sweet” or “cute”, and sometimes, to my delight, told I was “pretty”. I never I hated this, in fact, I loved it. What young girl, teenage, gosh even as a woman, doesn’t want to be called “cute”. Deep down inside it did make feel warm and fuzzy inside. All I am saying is these terms are quintessentially associated with little girls. I wonder how Kylie Minogue feels about this? She is one inch shorter than me! At least she was blonde and blue eyed. I myself have jet black hair and brown eyes. I was growing up in a wonderful country where the bronze Aussie and beach culture was iconic. Where girls with blonde hair, blue eyes and long tanned limbs were sort after by both boys and the media. Although the stereotype is changing as we have become more multicultural over the last two decades, which is great, especially since I am born to Italian migrant parents who came here in the 1960s. Anyway … I have ventured way off topic. I tend to do this … a lot … on my blog, in conversation … gosh even in my texts. Thank goodness Twitter has a word limit!

Again, where am I going with all this … well … I have just rejoined the 8 weeks I Quit Sugar program. The 8-week program kicks off tomorrow. IQS was created by Sarah Wilson and I first did it last year in April. It changed my eating habit for the better and now I spend less time ever craving sugar and refined foods. I have also found that I rarely crave chocolate at 3 pm. You all know that horrid time of the working day. Why is it that it that these cravings only hits you when you are working? Never when you are holidays! I also found that I am never hungry. After doing the program I realised that I use to be starving. No wonder I was miserable. I discovered that eating low fat this, and no fat that, was making me hungrier while also ingesting more sugar with my body becoming more toxic. Did you know that to make things that have less fat or no fat would taste like cardboard? Which is why these products contain more sugar! This what food companies do, they put heaps of sugar in their products to make them taste better. People!! It is not the good fats that are making us fat. Trans fat will … they are bad for you. But not good fats (insert halo here). Good fats such as milk, eggs, avocado, sardines, butter, olive oil, coconut oil, meat, chicken, seafood – these are all good for you. Really good for you. Now you can’t go to town but with everything … moderation and portion control is also the key. Sugar is not good for you! It is really, really bad for you. Toxic! Poison! We should be eating whole foods in its most natural form. This is how we need to eat, along with loads of vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts and your 1-2 serves of fruit (natural fruit). This is the way to go. We need to eat like our grandparents ate. This is what Sarah Wilson reminded me of! There is an excellent lecture by Dr Robert H Lustig who is an Endocrinologist (and he knows his stuff!!) called Sugar: The Bitter Truth. Watch it. It was the best 90 minutes of my life. It changed my life and helped me make informed choices. Everyone who lives in the developed world needs to watch this. Everyone! As a Secondary Teacher, I tell my students that knowledge is power. Well … watching this video will give you great knowledge and you will have the power to make healthier and better choices for you and all those you love.

I have spent the last 15 months making better and highly improved food choices and have reduced the amount of sugar I eat. I am not perfect and I am trying to be kind to myself when I do slip up. Nobody is perfect. Or a saint! And … please do not think that if you do this program that you can never, ever eat cake, or ice cream, or chocolate ever again. This is not what it is about. It is about eating these treats as “sometimes” food. I still partake in the treat. OMG! I live in the same suburb from THE best gelato ever. It is the best gelato made from pure milk with all natural ingredients and for $5 they pile it on the cone – 2 flavours! They are ice cream artisans and travelled all the way to Italy to learn how to make ice cream properly. Like an authentic Italian. I should know as Italian blood does run through my veins. Therefore, I am not going to say no to this gelato forever! Are you crazy? But I do make wise choices and I do choose to indulge occasionally – once or twice a month. I also eat dessert if I go out especially if I am still hungry, which is now rare because I always have an entree with my main and this usually fills me up. Sometimes I will opt to share a dessert or a treat with my husband. I have also swapped chocolate with 90% dark chocolate and as it is very concentrated, you only ever need 2 pieces – Lindt makes the best! What this program does do is help you to break the sugar cravings cycle because sugar is uber addictive and there is scientific and biological research to prove it. Once you recalibrate your body to eat more like your grandparents, or great-grandparents if you are younger than the X generation, then you can choose to eat sugar moderately.

Why have I joined up again? Because I am now ready to refine my eating even further. It does take the time to change habits. I have had a good run on my own at my current level over the past year. I am now ready to go even further with this. Plus … the recipes on the program are amazing. This week I  joined a new Gym and have a wonderful new Personal Trainer and she has advised that I reduce the number of refined carbs I eat. My aim is to eat one meal that has carbohydrate per day. The IQS recipes are all high protein with loads of vegetable and/or legumes and fits in beautifully with what my PT is encouraging. As I have this blog I have decided to write about my journey on this 8-week program and to publish it once I complete the program. Today is the night before I start and I hope you can come back in 8 weeks, or if you are reading this after the program has been completed, go searching for my future post to read how it all went. I look forward in having you back to read what unfolded in September 2017. Until then … be positive and smile … a lot!

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