The wonders of a great lie in


The benefits of a great lie in are so great! For me lulling around in bed after waking up naturally is so deliciously blissful. In a world where our mornings are dictated by the alarm clock, being able to allow our natural circadian rhythms to wake us, is such a treat. For me this is the richness of life. To wake naturally to the morning sun that seeps quietly into my bedroom is serenity in abundance. I live in a converted Woolstore warehouse on the banks of the Brisbane River and we are on the top floor. We have these large windows set into the roof and the apartment is filled with natural light throughout the day. I love waking up to the early morning sun beams that spill quietly across my bedroom. In Summer this happens around 5am. It’s perfect! I get up naturally and at the right time so I get up and go running and, still be able to get ready for work in time! My husband hates it! There is tons of information that advises us on waking naturally and the benefits of going to bed at a reasonable hour to ensure we get the required hours of sleep. The standard is 7-9 hours and this is the amount of sleep we need for optimum health. For me 7 hours is enough. I know this because no matter what time I go to bed I wake naturally approximately 7 hours later. If I do this religiously I will not be tired. But enough about my sleeping habits! Getting enough sleep is about reducing stress and warding off, or improving on, depression and anxiety. It also prevents you from gaining weight. Getting enough sleep reduces the 3pm chocolate craving in the afternoon too!

Yep, I love a lie in. It’s right up there with reading a really great book, meeting wonderful friends for an icy cold beer on a warm Sunday afternoon or having a decadent cake with amazing coffee. These are the best things in life. Plus you can’t beat a lie in when it is raining too. This makes it even  cozier.  You know that warehouse roof I mentioned earlier? Well it sounds amazing when the rain pitter-patters upon it!

I really do relish waking up naturally, stretching luxuriously, wrapping a throw across my shoulders and walking barefoot on the timber floors to make a herbal tea, taking it back to bed with some Organic-honey-made-by-bees-in-Queensland toast (it really it is the best honey!!). Then back to bed to snuggle under the quilt to read. I usually have 2-3 books on the go at one time. A combination of a fiction, a non-fiction or biography and my book club book. I also have also love to flit between books and magazines. The magazine reading has now become an essential requirement. I had subscribed to three different magazines in the last three years and now have piles of unread magazines. My daughter gets really annoyed with them; they are stacked on the coffee table, on my dressing table, next to my bed. But I am determined to read them all … cover to cover. I also have a naughty little love of looking at my instagram and twitter feeds … you can get some good information, news, gossip, and quotes. I don’t do Facebook. I am no longer a fan!

It’s peacefully serene. Add in the joy of having my gorgeous dog and cat who are also fans of the snuggle (they love the fact that I am lying in). I have created the perfect recipe for starting the day filled with pure zen! It really is the most delightful thing. Go on try it this weekend, or the next day you don’t have to be anywhere specific. It’s absolutely delicious.

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