Mt Glorious


We went on our first Sunday road trip in our newly adopted city of Brisbane. The weather was typical. Sunny with blue skies above. It was yet again a perfect day. I love road trips. I always have. I remember as a young woman in my 20s heading out with friends. It was so great to spend a Sunday together outside. We would picnic and share the food we had brought and, shared stories of our week and stories from our school days. These moments were som wonderful because there was this sense of connectedness and freedom. The laughter, the antics and the jokes. I felt protected in knowing I was part of a clan.

When my husband and I first were married we did not have a great deal of money and expensive holidays to resorts or overseas trips were just not possible. We spent a great deal of time travelling to little hamlets in NSW. Trips to Robertson, in fact, we returned here and I was proposed to. We visited Orange, Bathurst, the Snowy Mountains, the Blue Mountains all in NSW. Our honeymoon was a two week drive through Tasmania in the middle of Winter. It was glorious. I just loved being in the car with my soul mate. I remember we would just talk and talk: names of our future children, where would live, the future adventures we still wanted to go on, the home we wanted to make for ourselves and our hopes for our careers.

When our lives included our daughter we continued the road trips. We took her to Dubbo Zoo and brought the baby cot as she would never sleep in anything else. We were desperate for a holiday and knew this was the best option. It was one of the best holidays we had. Being away from the routine of help is always a wonderful experience. We went to Canberra, to Tilba Tilba, Vincentia, Melbourne, another trip back to Tasmania with our girl and we had two farm holidays in Manila in north-west NSW. Looking back I feel we had the best time and we connected so strongly as a family that I feel has made us a tight and close little trio. Road trips have really worked for us. Nomadic Matt in his blog sums it up beautifully:

Whether you drive 100 miles or 2,000 miles, youโ€™re in complete control over where you go and how you get there. Being in a vehicle allows you to see the countryside and visit places you would not ordinarily visit. Adventure lies in the most unexpected places.

So now, my husband and I find ourselves on our own in a beautiful new city with an amazing new state to discover. Our daughter has stayed in Sydney and is at Boarding school as she finishes her Senior secondary studies. We are part-time empty-nesters. We love Brisbane and we just know there will be lots of wonderful new places to discover around this city and within this glorious state. What will be even better is to have all three of us experience a Queensland road trip as a trio again. I will be sharing these experiences as they happen.

Our first trip was to Mt Glorious. A lovely drive through majestic and lush forests. We could not believe how within 30 minutes we were out of the city limits and into complete nature. We found a wonderful cafe in the trees and were surprised how cool it was compared to the city we had driven out of. It’s nice to know that we can find a micro-climate that is cool and gives us a sense of winter here should we ever yearn for it. It was like old times. Stopping for a coffee and a treat; we had fruit toast with butter and sitting amongst trees and hearing the birds call to each other.

โ€œThe freedom of the open road is seductive, serendipitous and absolutely liberating.โ€
โ€• Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip

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